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a Happy Glamper!!

Updated: Jan 6

Camping in a Gofacet tent will forever be on my top favorite experiences list!

Ive had the privilege of camping.... No wait....Glamping in a Gofacet tent, awhile back. We headed off to Caledon Vloedbos to compete in a camping competition for Via DSTV. Upon arrival we were shown our campsites and started setting up camp. Me and my husband opened our tent bag and unfolded our 5x5 meter tent. He just plugged in the air-pump and that was it! We weren't needed anymore!? So we started to do other odd jobs like packing out the rest of our camping gear..whilst keeping an eye on our tent doing its magic.

After about 3 minutes we unplugged and "Whala!!!" our tent was up... No mess no fuss...we did the same for our kitchen. In just a few minutes and no effort at all we had a bedroom and kitchen. We then set up our little home for the next few days just the way we like it!Oh and how fabulous it was!! Spacious....luxurious....glamorous!! It felt like a real home away from home..

In our GoFacet kitchen we did absolutely everything.. From prepping our food to making our food and enjoying it! All under one roof...I never once felt a need for anything, only to stay longer.... The worst part of camping in a GoFacet tent was when it came to an end! I can truly say that i will never be camping any other way. I am a converted GoFacet Glamper from now on!

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